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box will be playing some great songs. marvin gaye. john legenlennon. bob marley. sam cooke. >> songs that really touch people deeply. >> i have come to a place where i call it the sound of maternity. bob dylan calls it eternal young. i think there are certain songs that help you live without fear. when you are living in fear, you invest in violence. fear is expensive, just ask president bush. inn love. and what marvin gaye says is true, war is not the answer, only love can conquer hate. these things are not cliches, they are truisms. if we implement them, you will see a transformation in the bay area, richmond, oakland, the mission. all places where we need to dismantle the violence, the fear, the unnecessary pain that goes on. >> you are a person that has lived a pretty miraculous life. pretty extraordinary what you have accomplished, the range of people you have been able to touch with your music. you chose a beautiful word in spanish for your foundation -- miracle. could you talk about what the foundation has been able to do? >> we are able to empower and give young people a way f
's candlelight %-years ago today when 17-yeaa-d kevin wingeet was stabbed tt death here outside marley station mall. tonight family and friends mark the anniversary with a mall. kevin's mom said she's still angry that the teen who was convicted of killinggher son, then 16-year-old brandon kellam, never spent any time in jail. instead, he spent our years in rehab for drugs and mental health problems. >> so hh did four years in a drug rehab for an innentional murder. it's the biggess travesty of justice i've ever seen ever.ú >> reporter: kellam was initially charged as an adult but a judge ordered him tried as a uvenile. he was releassd from rehab in march of this yeer. ú%randa stevens, fox 45 news late edition. >> fox 45 viewerr fight back and helped put another wanted criminal behind bars. on fox 45 news at 10, we highlighted a woman wanted for the ttempted murder of a man. a viewer rrcognized jackson, made a call to police, and jackson was arrested early this morning..3 >> we can't be on the streets 24/7, but with the citizens out %-time, and withhthat tv showh bbing aired, it's definite
because of religion, because of differences. i like to celebrate, like bob marley. like marvin gaye. i would like to thank jerry and diane for helping me to accelerate into a new perception for myself. when we perceive specialists, you can get in trouble -- when we perceive that we are special, you can get in trouble. you need special drugs for special pain because no one understands you. but someone thinks you are special. will you except they your significant and meaningful? then you do not need a doctor. being special is me, myself, and my experience. it will always get you in trouble. when you except that you are significant and meaningful, something happens with the universe, it comes to life. but i look at you the same way that you look at me. the creator made u.s. the same. consciousness. when i travel around the world, especially the united states, people crashed their head. we are very different. if you do not believe me, as clocks once in awhile. [laughter] -- watch fox once in a while. [laughter] i call than the complex clan without sheep -- call them the dlklu klux klan wit
marley coming up there? anyway, chris matthews and the judge's big ruling on don't ask, don't tell. first, tourre is there. there's the bob marley. explaining why legalized marijuana is not the end of civilization as we know it. it's a typecast there. pleasure to see you. yellowbook has always been crucial to your business, but now, to get it really cooking, you need a little website development. some transparent reporting, so you know it's working. online ads and 1-on-1 marketing consultation. yellowbook's got all that. yellowbook360 has a whole spectrum of tools. the perfect recipe for success. visit and go beyond yellow. >>> time for friday's installment of the daily rant. this fall california voters will make history if they decide to legalize pot for personal use with a ballot measure entitled proposition 19. opponents of prop 19 say if the measure passes it will unleash a slew of problem from gang violence to drug abuse. my man tourre has a slightly different take. take it away, sir. >> every night millions of upstanding americans return home after a day of work, p
more than 4,000 lb.. circled the superdome. pieces were sold to. bob marley has a fair record for longest in denver team. for barbara bush hospital marley told jokes for 40 hours straight. at a comedy club in portland. >> i haven't taken a bathroom break yet but fancy about that curtain back there. >> they needed to stay awake at all times. >> trying follow that up henry. >> i can beat that easily. i'm standing here with a man who put the double bass on the map. one of the greatest musicians in the world and we will talk about his skills and interest instrument. erry brown and oakland's schools. what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now. failure as governor. failure as mayor. you can't really l
marley station mall. >> like where they found the blood drops and all that, it was right down there by the yellow stop sign. >> reporter: kevin and his friends were leaving thh mall group of teens looking or the people who tried to rob their3 friend. >> words started, and a fight ensued. >> reporter: but the fight escalated when one of the other teens, 16-yyar-old bbandon kellam, pulled out a knife and stabbed kevin in the chest. >> he cut thrre of his ribb and his main artery. -e basically bled out here.3 rot >> reporter: keelaa was originally charged as an adult but a judge ordered him tried as a juvenile. >> he spent four years in a drug intentional murder. it's the biggest travesty of justice i've seen ever. ever. >> marking the five year anniversary of kevin's deaah, family and frindz gathered outside the mall for a candlelight vigil. -> he knows we're praying for >> reporter: his mom said she wants her son's senselesssmurder to never be forrgtten. you never get over.t something itts bad enough to lose a child, but to lose a child in that way and to have it be your nly
belvedere at sunset road. glen burnie, there's a crash on marley neck at spencer. meanwhile, as far as delays go, there's a look at your drive times. 43 miles an hour is your slowest spot. top side of the beltway. on the north outer loop, as well as the inner loop. there is a live look at the top side. and you can see, it is slow on the north side, on the inner and outer loop there at york road. same goes for the west side at wilkens avenue. and there is a look at 895 running pretty smoothly there. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you've suffered a personal injury, call 1-800 the firm. back to you. >>> if you don't have dinner plans for tomorrow night, we have a suggestion. make a reservationat a baltimore area restaurant. but at the same time, help others. >>> it's another busy day. and feast in east baltimore. the nonprofit is preparing some. just 30,000 meals it delivers each month to those in need. >> we deliver meals to people who are homebound, living with hiv or breast cancer. we deliver meals meals to baltimore county and all along the eastern sh
of the united states. there is no line. marley for children our immigration laws are that children become authorized in the united states through parents. so we're talking about parents who cannot support them that way. the dream act would allow them an opportunity to start a path towards citizenship. now what it does, it doesn't make them legal permanent residents, it's provisional. they have six years in which they either have to attend college or a higher degree or two years in the military. and at the end of the six years if they haven't done the things they are supposed to do, then they will not continue to have the provisional residency. so it's safe. we're not sticking our necks out for people who might not do the right thing. either they do the right thing or they don't. >> and it would have given that people under the dream act could serve the country. and interesting psychological play when they say this isn't really your country. it's just a very interesting dynamic. >> and it's very sad. i had a student at george mason a few years ago whose father had been a bip low matt. and
is the wisconsin governor's race. joining us on the phone is patrick marley. let's talk about who these candidates are. >> the republican is the milwaukee county executive scott walker. the democrat is milwaukee mayor tom barrett. scott walker won a special election amid a big pension scandal. it was a big deal for republican -- for a to become county executive and he has been the executive ever since. the mayor was in state legislature and then congress. he ran for governor in 2002, lost the primary, and then became mayor in 2004. >> what will the issues be in tonight's debate? >> jobs. both candidates have put that front and center. they realize that is what the voters care about most. is this -- it is closely tied in with their tax policy. scott walker is a bowling tax cuts -- is vowing tax cuts. barrett says that plan is reckless when the state has a deficit. he wants to do something more targeted, creating -- rewarding businesses that create jobs with tax credits, in specifically at job creators. >> that debate is live tonight. patrick marley, as the white house been involved in this race? >>
onntwitter marley and a number of social network sites as security are catching up to the user baaks. >> reporter: hat do you do to keep your twwets safe? as always know what is going n out under your name and makeú sure you're verifying the content out there. make sure you'reemonitoring platform. aatany length, even houghhthaa appear to be a trusted followwr3 make sure you know who is there. >> for now we have found informmtton,,a 17 years old from for this.ú he saw a hhle in the system and insertee a pop up for fun.3 the hacker took over ann created the link to the website. is this the point whereei mentton, i need a job. i'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me, except for the media. he was seeking work in security and journalism, how do you think this ordeal will look on is resume..3 >> i don't think fox 45 is hiring. that is pretty iiteresting, new3 but t's a sign of the timess the technnlogy ii good on the one hand but you know you're susceptible to thii ind of thing on tte other hand.3 ú% reporrer: it's fuu and %-people can get inside of your ú%stem and take everything
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)